1. How do I make a weight plate?


Making a pair of Gorilla Concrete Weights is simple! All you will need to purchase is high strength concrete mix with a minimum PSI of 4000 LBS. 

Step One:

Prepare your gorilla weight mold. This will involve attaching the 2" ABS sleeve to your mold center. Use silicone or hot glue to attach the inserts to the center of the mold.

Step Two:

Once the sleeves are attached to the mold, you will need to spray the mold with the provided silicone spray. Apply a liberal coat of the silicone onto the entire inside of the mold. Just be sure to wipe off any excess, you don't want any silicone puddling as this may cause air pockets on the face of your weights. Any excess spray silicone can be wiped with a paper towel. Now your mold is ready to be filled with concrete.

Step Three:

Prepare the concrete. The size of the mold you purchased will determine the amount of concrete mix you will need. Concrete will typically retain 90%-95% of it's original weight when cured. So this means that if you want a 45LB plate, you will need to fill the mold with anywhere between 49.5LBS to 47.25LBS. This will guarantee that your weight plate will be at least 45LBS. Mixing the concrete is simple, just add water and the provided fiber reinforcement. We strongly recommend you wear a respirator as concrete dust can be harmful if inhaled. The amount of water will depend on the manufacturer's recommendations, but we suggest your mix be the consistency of oatmeal.

Step Four:

Fill the mold. Now that we have our mold prepared and the concrete mix is ready, we can begin to fill the mold. Filling the mold is best done in small amounts. We have found that the best results are achieved by adding the concrete to the mold by hand, we strongly recommend you wear gloves. Make sure you are packing handfuls of the concrete into every crevasse to create a smooth finish. Once you have filed the mold half way, you will add your metal reinforcement ring to the center of the mold. Continue filling the mold while twisting the mold in a left to right motion, this will help prevent air bubbles from being trapped and will result in stronger weight. Lastly, it is recommended to tap the side of the mold with a stick to help with releasing any trapped air bubbles in the concrete.

Step Five:

This step is optional, but suggested. Cover your weights with a plastic bag. This will help keep as much of the moisture in the concrete as it cures. Set your mold aside on a flat and level surface for a minimum of 2-4 days. the longer you allow the plates to cure the stronger they will be. Concrete is at about 70% strength after a few days and fully cured in about 28 days. This does not mean you have to wait 28 days to use your weights. Weights can be handled after 2-4 days.

2. How do you remove the mold? 

Removing the mold is simple. If possible, remove the plate on a soft surface, utilizing grass or a towel is recommended. Flip the mold upside down, making sure not to bend the edge of the mold to prevent it from possibly cracking. Once upside down, simply push on the center of the mold to release the concrete from the mold. If there is suction or resistance, you can use a rubber mallet to tap on the mold to help release any trapped air. If you live in a colder climate, the concrete weight might be harder to remove due to the shrinkage of the plastic. One way to help remove the plate is to gently warm the permitter of the mold with a hair dryer. This will soften the plastic allowing the mold to slip out.